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prodotti tipici sardi

about us.

BoxSardinia is a Food-commerce project with the main mission of making you discover Sardinian culinary delights from the comfort of your own home.

Are you looking for genuine products, but you don’t have the time to select them among so many online Sardinia food stores?

Have you been to Sardinia and once you got back home something delicious that you would like to taste again came to your head?
Would you like to add every month to your pantry those products that can make lunch, dinner or an aperitif special for your friends?

Do you like cooking and would you try to prepare a typical Sardinian dish?

Would you like to buy a  present to a friend or a loved one, but you have no ideas?

Well, if so, then this is the right e-commerce for you! With our Sardinian products Boxes, you can try natural products once a month.

You choose how:

By registering on the website, you can subscribe and receive one of our Boxes. Choose the perfect one for you and your family, enter your address and payment method, and get ready each month for the BoxSardinia WOW effect.

If you are not sure that you want to subscribe to another web service, but are you’re curious to try a Box, buy one in our store without any subscription and in just a few steps. You can even choose to buy it as a present!

You don’t want to receive products you don’t know about? Don’t worry, in the Store area of the website you will find among different categories a wide variety of products, with a wide selection of prestigious Sardinian wines, and a selection of the best Sardinian traditional products, such as cheese, cured meats, bottarga, olive oil, sweets etc.

Our Mission is focused on combining the excellent quality of the products and services we offer to the ability to listen the customer and to know how to communicate the true value of what we offer, with courtesy and professionalism. In this way, we can meet the requirements and characteristics of market expectations for customer retention. Before selling a local product, we get to know producers by visiting all the companies and listening to their explanations, in order to inform you about production processes and raw materials they use. We support local suppliers with small productions who guarantee the use of healthy and natural ingredients which are processed according to traditional and sustainable methods.